Sunday, October 7, 2007

Outside Reading Update

A lot has happened since I last blogged about Eclipse. The mysterious killings in Seattle are raising concern in the Cullen household. The number of murdered victims is getting higher each day and the Cullens believe that its something far more frightening than just a crazy serial killer. They believe that someone is trying to bulid up an army of newborn vampires in Seattle, which would explain the out-of-control killings. See, newborn vampires have basically no control over their actions. They are extremely strong and powerful but they don't know how to best use their powers, nor how to manage their thirst. All these vampires think about is when they can feed next, it doesn't matter who they feed off of just as long as their ravaging thirst can be quenched. Bella comes to the conclusion that the mysterious visitor in her room, the newborns in Seattle, and Victoria, who is determined to avenge her partner James are all some how connected. Then Alice, Edward's sister, has a vision of the newborns coming to of them carrying Bella's red sweater, that went missing after her "visitor" came to call. Will it be war??? Meanwhile, Jacob has confessed to Bella that he loves her. Now Bella must make an incredibly tough decision...Jacob or Edward, werewolf or vampire???

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