Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eclipse Update

The brutal fight where the vampires and the werewolves were an alliance left Jacob severely wounded. While trying to protect someone in his pack from an angry newborn, Jacob gets attacked and goes unconcious. After the fight, which was a victory for the vampire-werewolf alliance, Carlisle (Edward's "dad") tends to Jacob's wounds. He infers that, because of Jacob's rapid healing power, he will make it. A couple days after the fight with the newborns from Seattle, Bella visits Jacob at his home where he is resting. They talk about how Bella really does love Jacob, but she could never live with out Edward, so she makes her decision. Though she loves Jacob with all of her heart, she knows what it is like without Edward and she knows she could never endure the absense of Edward from her life again. Jacob is heart broken, but he told Bella he would wait for her as long as it took...even if she was a vampire by then.

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