Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Act Three Prediction

I predict that in Act 3 of All My Sons Joe Keller will have to come clean about his faking sick to prevent the bankruptcy of the business when it produces faulty plane parts that they ship to the army (which led to the deaths of 21 men in the army), to George and Ann. Ann will probably be very upseand react sort-of like Chris did, and George will be cocky and say "I told you so", also he may insist on Joe Keller's arrest and a statement from him that clears Joe's father of all charges against him. The family will be ripped aprat and Kate may even carry out her threat to kill herself as a reaction to this sudden turmoil in the family(???) Chris and Ann will most likely move away with George and Keller will end up in jail in place of Ann's father.

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