Sunday, October 14, 2007

400 Blows

This week in class we watched The 400 Blows, a memoir on the childhood of a boy named Antoine. Personally, I thought the movie was pointless and a waste of time. There was absolutely no morals and Antoine didn't develop at all through out the movie. The story line wasn't at all interesting or attention grabbing and I was bored the whole time. In my Review on The 400 Blows, I mention what makes the movie a bad movie. For the era it was filmed in, the camera effects were alright, but they could've been better. The actors were the only good component to the film. Each actor/actress played his/her role very well, and each fitted their roles very well. For instance the actress that played the mother of Antoine was very good in her role. She looked the part, she played the part, and she just stood out to me as a wonderful actress. However, the movie as a whole, was not worthwhile to my learning experience and wasn't entertaining either.

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Anonymous said...

wow good call, i pretty much felt the same way about the movie