Sunday, September 30, 2007

Most Embarrassing Moment

On firday in class we had to write for "friday free write" about a cirnge-worthy moment in our lives. This was my embarrassing moment:
I was in seventh grade and I was on the EHS swim team. The day came for our first meet, so, naturally, I was very nervous. My coach had put me in the 100yd breaststroke, an event I had never swam before. Though I had had previous experience with swimming (I had swam for Edina Country Club since age 9), it was never events over 50yds in length. My best event was the 50yd breaststroke. Anyways the time came when the official said, "Ladies step up." (that means to step up on to the blocks). I was shaking with adrenaline because I really wanted to impress my new teamates and coaches. The buzzer sounded and I leaped from the block. I hit the water surging with energy, telling my body to go faster. At the 25yd mark I could see that I was quite far ahead, this got me excited and all I could think about was finishing in first place. I could see the wall, I was almost there... Yes! I finished hard into the wall and slowly climbed out of the pool. Then horror struck me as I watched all the other girls turn at the wall to finish the race...I had only done 50yds, half of the race. Words cannot describe my embarrassment that day.

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