Sunday, October 7, 2007


For my memoir I chose to write about my first time skiing in the mountains. We went to Vail, Colorado when I was 10 years old and I could not contain my excitement. Here's a paragraph from my Memoir...
"The way they dazzled in the morning light, looking so strong and yet tranquil at the same time. By eight o’ clock we were riding the gondola up the steep slopes of the mountain. I thought the gondola ride was almost over at every peak, only to discover that over each peak was more mountain stretching up and up until it was obscured by the morning sun. After what seemed like hours, we reached the end of the gondola. Before I clicked into my skis I took in the overwhelming landscape. I felt higher than anything in the world. Mountains stretched for miles in every direction, their tops glistening with radiantly white snow. The soft breeze whistled past my ears and lightly chilled my entire body. The freshly groomed snow crunched as my skis glided over it. Skiing always brought a sense of freedom to me. I could not be any happier as I raced down the sparkling slope. Skiing, especially in Vail, never got old. In fact, it almost got more and more exciting with each run. Our two families spent most of the morning on the easier slopes, in other words the green circle and blue square marked runs. For lunch we gathered in the lodge and ate our fill of hot chilli and steaming hot chocolate. "

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Julie Sierks said...

Mary I love your skiing story. You must have been a very brave when you were ten to try the black diamonds. The trip sounded really fun skiing in the mountains of Vail, Colorado with your family. I have always wanted to do that, but I am really bad at skiing so i don't think I will. I also really liked reading your memoir in class because it was interesting and you used so many descriptive words!