Saturday, December 22, 2007

Much Ado About Nothing

Thus far in the play, Hero has been successfully wooed for Claudio, even with the evil Don John trying to cause trouble with Claudio by telling him the Prince only wants Hero for himself. Also, Leonato, Don Pedro, and Claudio trick Benedick into falling in love with Beatrice. They do this by making sure that Benedick overhears them talking of the great love Beatrice has for him, and how, even though her tongue is sharp, she is just expressing her love for him. Hero and Ursula do the same with Beatrice, making sure that she overhaers them talking of Benedick's deep love for Beatrice. Both tricks are successfull and Beatrice falls in love with Benedick, and he with Beatrice. All this happiness makes Don John unhappy, he only wants to cause havoc and discomfort. So, he makes a devious little plan with Borachio and Conrade. This plan will, to their hope, break apart Claudio and Hero and therefore make Don Pedro unhappy (which I believe is their ultimate goal). The plan consists of Borachio having relations with Margaret, Hero's lady in waiting, in Hero's bed chamber. BUT, instead of Margaret being Margaret, she will act as Hero. Don John will make sure that Claudio can hear Borachio call Margaret "Hero"(and vice versa) in their love making and consequently destroy the young relationship. Will the plan work? Technically in comedies, everything turns out for the best, so we already know that everything will work out between Claudio and Hero. But we don't know how this conflict will be solved.

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