Friday, December 28, 2007

The Book Thief (one of many posts by that title)

"'Do you still play the accordian?' Of course, the question was really, 'Will you still help me?'" (Zusak). This quote is important because it sparks the new fear and anxiety within the Hubberman household. Afterall, hiding a Jew is a crime punishable by death. This question, asked by Max Vandenburg, the Jew, marks the start of a new way of living for the Hubbermans. Fear of being caught by members of the Nazi party, the Hubbermans must do everything they can to keep their secret safe. This means Max must live in the cold basement behind a sheet and some paint cans. Liesel is sworn to secrecy by her father, after being told that he can be taken away from her if anyone discovers the jew in the basment. Max gets very sick after being in the cold basement all day everyday, so the Hubbermans decide that, once cured, he should come upstairs each night to warm up and get a change of scenery. During the days that Max is unconcious from sickness, Liesel collects gifts for him, in hope that they will help him wake up and get better. These gifts consisted of a destroyed soccer ball, a ribbon, a pinecone, a button, a stone, a feather, two newspapers, a candy wrapper, a cloud described on a piece of paper, a toy soldier, a miraculous leaf, and also Liesel read her book The Whistler to Max. A deep relationship formed between Max and Liesel. They shared nightmares with eachother, and Liesel would, very often, visit Max in the basement to keep him company. As a birthday gift, Max wrote and illustrated a book called The Standover Man for Liesel. Max's book defined his and Liesel's realtionship in a story. Here's a quote from the story: "Now I think we are friends, this girl and me. On her birthday, it was she who gave a gift-to me."

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