Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Book Thief

For a class assignmanet Liesel is asked to write two letters, one to a friend and one to somenone in the another class. Liesel chose to write one of these letters to her mama. Not Rosa Hubberman though, her birth mama. Liesel spent hours in the basement, while her father painted, working on the perfect letter to send to her mama. In the letter she told mama about everything she had encountered since their separation. Since she didn't have her mama's address, Liesel was encouraged to give her letter to Frau Diller, who was the woman who brought Liesel to the Hubberman's home and worked with the foster agency. Then she started waiting. Each day Liesel would check the mail box for any letter from her mama. Later, Liesel overheard her foster parents talking about her mama:
"What was she doing writing to her mother?"...
"She asked me," Papa answered, "and I couldn't say no. How could I?"
"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph." Again with the whisper. "she should just forget her. Who knows where she is? Who knows what they've done to her?

Liesel is once again forced to ask herself:
"Where was she?
What had they done to her?
And once and for all, who, in actual fact, were they?"

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