Sunday, December 2, 2007

In-Class Update

This week in class Ms. West taught us many different ways of preparing to write a research paper. These things included: how to organize and write notes on your subject, how to create a flee map, and how to properly paraphrase and summarize. I found that paraphrasing was quite difficult. Its really hard to restate the facts and ideas without being guilty of plaigarism. Ahhhhh! Its very frustrating. Anyways, that's probably why my notes took so long, because I had to do a lot of paraphrasing. However I'm really glad I fininshed them because its going to make writing my paper so much easier. The same goes for doing the flee map, though I'm not so sure I did it right. Before this year I never had realized how many rules there were to avoid plaigarism. I understand them now, but up to this year I have probably plaigarised more than once. Thats not a good thing. I also didn't know that colleges can expell one of their students for plaigarism, so I'm going to have to be very careful from now on. Thank you Ms. West for teaching me how to avoid it, because I would like to graduate from college. :)

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