Sunday, December 9, 2007

END OF RESEARCH PAPER and start of Shakespeare

The research paper unit is finally over! I believe that my research paper was definitely my best paper of this school year, and hopefully I will recieve a very high grade that reflects the time and effort I put into this paper. Ms. West asked us to complete a reflection on our papers, after we turned them into the wire basket. We were asked various questions about what we thought of our paper, also we were asked to make a list of the steps we would take to write another research paper. These are the steps that I would follow:
1) Find a topic that interests you.
2) Find atleast 5 credible sources for that topic.
3) Annotate all your sources.
4) Make an informal outline that will help structure the paragraphs in your paper.
5) Write notes for key information that you annotated in your sources. (paraphrase, quote, summarize)
6) Design a Flee Map that will help to better organize each paragraph and help you to lay out exactly what you will say in your paper.
7) Construct a rough draft to be edited.
8) Write your final draft.
These steps will prove to be very useful later on in my college career. After all research papers were turned in with our reflections, we started a movie all about Shakespeare. I enjoyed the movie very much. The most interesting thing I learned from it is that we actually don't know a lot about Shakepeare. I think they said in the movie that we only actually know 3 things about him. That's so weird because he's one of the most famous names in history and literature.

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