Sunday, March 2, 2008

Vanishing Acts III

Perhaps my prediction was wrong. It seems as if Eric really is a good guy and that he had absolutely nothing to do with the kidnapping. In fact, when Andrew (Delia's dad) wanted to plead guilty in court for the kidnapping, Eric, as his attourney, tried to persuade him not to do so. Andrew begins to confess to Eric, but Eric will not let him say anything more because he wants to believe that Andrew is not guilty. Eric knows that if Andrew confesses too much, or anything at all, his case will go down the toilet. Eric has only his family's interests at heart, especially Delia's. She is struggling to come to terms with everything that has happened with her father. Her best friend Fitz brings her old articles on herself and on Bethany Matthews. Apparently, Bethany Matthews was a little 4-year old girl who went missing the same time that a 4-year old girl named Cordelia Hopkins died in a car accident. Delia comes to the conclusion that she actually might be another person, Bethany Matthews, and that her mother may actually still be alive. This thought frightens her and forces her to ask the question: Who am I? Everyone is very confused and troubled at this time. Eric is torn between being a good lawyer by following through with Andrew's request to plead guilty and being a good son-in-law and husband. Eric wants to have Andrew plead not guilty because he feels that the prosecution doesn't have enough evidence to support their case and he really doesn't want Andrew to go to jail leaving behind Delia and his grandaughter Sophie. Delia is torn between who she really is, also whether or not to believe the charges made against Andrew. Finally, Fitz is torn between finding the truth and hurting Delia even more.

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