Sunday, March 2, 2008

Connections Between O'Brother and The Odyssey

There were many similsrities between the movie O' Brother Where Art Thou and Homer's classic epic The Odyssey. Well obviously there would be because the movie is based off of the book. Here's a list of some of them:

Book---- Movie
Return from Trojan War (journey begins)---- Escape from chain gang (fugitives on the run)
Cyclops shows hospitality ----Man with eye-patch invites them to picnic
Cyclops shows brutallity (kills men)---- Man with eye-patch kills "Pete"
Sirens attempt to enchant Odysseus---- Singing women seduce the men
Circe turns men into pigs ----Singing women supposedly turn Pete into frog
Poseidon causes trouble for Odysseus---- Policeman with the glasses hunts them
Suitors court Penelope ----Everett's wife gets engaged to another man
Prophet reveals bird signs---- Blind railcar man helps out and prophesizes
Suitors want to kill Telemachus---- Tommy in trouble with KKK
Odysseus kills suitors ----Everett out-fames his wife's new fiance
Odysseus reaches Ithaca (reward) ----Everett becomes famous and get's wife back

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