Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Odyssey: Paper

I thought that I would do some brainstorming for my paper via blog so here is my thesis statement and some quotes i found for my body paragraphs...

Thesis statement : The supernatural figures, in Homer’s The Odyssey, help humans by giving signs, protection, and inspiration, all of which become crucial to Odysseus’ survival.
“…an omen flew past, an eagle clutching a trembling dove.” (20.270)
“…the eagle killed my geese…called out in a human voice that dried my tears, ‘…the geese were your suitors—and I once the eagle but now I am your husband, back again at last, able to launch a terrible fate against them all.” (19.612-620)
“So clear, so true, that bird sign I saw as I sat on the benched ship and sounded out the future to the prince!” (17.174-176)
“’Look, Telemachus, the will of god just winged that bird on your right...I knew it was a sign. No line more kingly than yours in all of Ithaca—yours will reign forever!” (15.594-597)
“And again the suitors hurled their whetted shafts but Athena sent the better part of the salvo wide…” (22.285-286)
“But Zeus’s daughter Athena countered him at once. The rest of the winds she stopped right in their tracks…” (5.421-422)
“Well, I warn you, you won’t get home yourself, you’ll stay right there, trapped with all the rest. But wait, I can save you, free you from that great danger.” (10.315-317)
Inspiration Quotes:
“But you, I urge you, think how to drive these suitors from your halls. Come now, listen closely. Take my words to heart.” (1.312-314)
“…where he’d have been flayed alive, his bones crushed if the bright-eyed goddess Pallas had not inspired him now. He lunged for a reef, he seized it with both hands and clung for dear life…” (5.470-473)
“Rousing words—but she gave no all-out turning of the tide, not yet, she kept on testing Odysseus and his gallant son…” (22.246-248)

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