Monday, November 26, 2007

In-text Citations and my Research Paper Topic

Though I believe that one should give credit where it is due, I think that all this citation business is just silly. I can understand the "Works Cited" at the end of a paper, but all the in-text citations are quite cumbersome to the writer. Besides if one has a "Works Cited" page, all their ideas expressed or quotations in their paper are already given credit, only it's just at the end of the paper, not in the middle of it. Plus, I believe that the reader of one's paper finds it annoying when half the paper is in-text citations. When one is reading a paper, they want to get to the meat as soon as possible, and with all those obnoxious in-text citations, it becomes quite difficult to do that. Sorry, I just had to vent. Anyways...
The topic I have chosen for my research paper is the highly debated death penalty. I've learned many different things about the death penalty, both pros and cons. I would have to say that I'm for the death penalty, though I can understand the opposition's views. The most fascinating thing that I have learned is that a major reason for concern of those who oppose the death penalty is the probability of innocent people being convicted and then killed for a crime they did not commit. My sources tell me that, while this is sometimes true in very rare cases, the number of innocent lives taken by escaped/released felons far out numbers the lives of innocent people, who were wrongly accused of murder and then killed. This fact helped me to lean towards the pro-death penalty view.

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