Friday, September 28, 2007

Outside Reading Update: Eclipse

So as of right now I am on page 78 of the book Eclipse. Jacob still isn't speaking to Bella, but she still has her soul mate Edward. Sadly, however, Edward and Jacob are arch enemies because Edward is a vampire and Jacob is a werewolf. Edward and Bella take a short vacation to visit Bella's mom in Florida, though Edward has to stay out of the sun because when you are a vampire your skin glitters abnormally in direct sunlight. Charlie, Bella's dad still acts coldly towards Edward. (He will never forgive him for leaving Bella in New Moon and causing her months of extreme depression.) When I left off Jacob was coming to Bella's school to warn her about something Edward never told her. I predict some sort of fight is going to break out in public between Edward and Jacob, and Bella will have to make a decision of who's side she is on...her soul mate or her best friend?

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