Saturday, September 22, 2007

Black Boy

I feel like we always read depressing books in Language Arts. I don't really care, but I have noticed a trend. So far Black Boy is pretty good, although there are some parts where I have to re-read the paragraphs over and over because I'll read it once and have no idea what he just said. Richard is a very violent child and he gets into trouble quite often. I find it interesting how different the forms of punishment were back then to how they are now. My parents would never physically hurt me as a form of punishment, they would ground me or take away something. I also feel that its sort of unfair that they whip richard for some of the stuff he does. I mean he's just a kid and kids make mistakes that's how they learn. Anyways, i think the book is pretty good as far as school books go, but it still doesn't beat To Kill a Mockingbird, which is my favorite so far.

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Anna Schulze said...

I agree with Mary that most school books are depressing...but I think the physical abuse is pretty rough too, and if you beat your kid to the point of death that's a problem. Even though it might just be part of the era, it's still not politically correct.